Conference program

The conference program will include plenary lectures (45 min.), keynote lectures (30 min.), invited lectures (20 min.), oral lectures (15 min.) and a poster session.
The scientific program of the conference will include the following issues:
• general problems of developing and improving lithium and lithium-ion energy storage devices;
• the regularity of physicochemical, chemical and electrochemical processes in lithium energy storage devices;
• synthesis and properties of new nanostructured materials for positive and negative electrodes of lithium energy storage devices;
• thermodynamic, structural and transport properties of lithium electrolyte systems - liquid, pseudo-solid and solid (polymer and inorganic);
• experimental methods, instruments, and equipment to study the lithium electrochemical systems;
• post-lithium energy storage devices;
• theoretical foundations of technologies for the production, processing, and disposal of lithium energy storage devices;
• modeling of processes during charge-discharge cycling and storage of lithium energy storage devices. Development of battery management systems.


Conference programm

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